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hollister co uk online shop Long time no writing.

Busy , misfortune , work, family, numerous things pressure on the body , wrapped in the heart, not a moment to be able to still under the heart . Even the dead of night , a person sitting in front of a computer , the face of a Word document open , wrestling under the fingers, but could not knock people favorite text.

Incoming trivial bear the pain , frustration impetuous in my heart leapt roundabout spin , a restless soul , destined to be with elegant text Duanli missed .

Ayatomo published works often read and heard questioning literary friends , and my heart is deep regret and shame, persevering, get out of the barriers of the mind restless , how the soul of freedom and luxury ride it?

Almost all the writing , is the need of a quiet mind , or a lonely soul , perhaps, this spiritual solitude and loneliness , it is the soul of the free ride horse vast grasslands of it .

Just living in a secular , how can a mortal stripped open smoky life?

Remember that year in Nanjing, standing in a spring plum , in the face of huge blossoming plum hollister co uk online shop , but it did not appeal to me Masaoki product of a plum . Thinking inside , Ling Han alone put Fragrance Sparse , not Zhengchun pretty plum character it should be . The front of large tracts of Merlin, piles of blossoming plum , showing off in the crowded warm sun , the rivalry in Jiaoyin Yiyi incense wind , sometimes apathy mood , actually reproduce the slightest gorgeous plum a . Remember " Dream of Red Mansions " in plum plot, Tso pen "Glass World Baixue Hong Mei ," What a delightful , ah, alone noble , glamorous hue , plum, is not tolerate vulgar stream " Miaoyu " " Daiyu " ilk it. " Sparse crosswise water clean and shallow , subtle fragrance floating on the evening " , plum, bamboo fence hut when the shadows are in front , when a thin stone beside the Valley flower soul ah.

Lonely and beautiful free soul .

"Do not ask me where it came from , my hometown in the distance , why wandering , wandering far away ...... " Dream , Sahara , a figure , to dream of olive trees , still dusty , crept forward ......

Also dreams to be a lonely wanderer . A person hollister co uk online shop , through the rustling gale desolately Dunhuang sand , let the chest breathing , into the millennium mural clank and Naruto ; a person walking in the snow-covered plateau of blue sky, before turning the lamasery kneel in Qingyang with Namtso lake water, the heart of the lost children wash , wash the dust in his eyes bright ; one , choose a southern fishing village or ancient villages, rent a cabin leaning water or the street , stay, with enough time , with enough delight to listen to the voice of bridges , huts Lang Yanxia of Fengming listen , listen to the sound of spring paddle shadow , listening to a stranger, lonely soul and breathe freely .

Make a lonely wanderer . Dream. Just a dream ?

Put aside for a very long distracted , while a Delicate clouds high mountain weekend back home . Climb a tall mountain, mountains place, a huge cypresses standing against the breeze . Although it cracked trunk bent plate Qiu hollister co uk online shop , lined clogs years marks, but it 's from the top of a green tree in the wind, in the high hill , toward the blue sky, the efforts stretched , stretched .

Isshiki barren years, Cooper alone and Yi , a hundred years ? A thousand years ? How many clouds that sail over , sunset west fall , many storm , lightning sky ...... Cooper just quietly , towering wave of hollister co uk online shop shoot , time tunnel , everything vanished , leaving only a memory circle rings, If deep history .

Crevice , a clump of flowers like stars alone bloom. I caught a glimpse , purple petals , in the cold sunshine, is quietly reveal the British plum God .

Plum thought of Nanjing . Wind , gently reciting his poem :


Beautiful flowers are deluded prick broken / lost laughing Color /hollister co uk online shop a butterfly flew fall / scorched wings / budworm got tears turned into flower

Each petal has swayed budworm shadow / sparse foliage can not breathe

Flee , escape , flowers soul is gone / lost soul flowers / no color / did the pain

Flower soul / gray in stray / Dream , dream / dream of snow / a Samuume , bloom , such as blood

No plum northern mountains . At the moment, only one engraved vicissitudes of cypress, hollister co uk online shop standing here , keep looking at the years , the years of loneliness and freedom , concept clouds, listening to the rain , the wind ...... Mu hundred , thousand ......

Standing in front of Cooper standing lonely , I try stretched out his arms , fingers glide, one cool wind , everlasting not broken ......

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